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2009 | Greek Parliament

Greek Parliament

(May 6th 2009)

The continuation and the course of the program are fulfilled, after the invitation for attendance towards the Chairman of the Permanent Special Committee for Emigrating Hellenism, Mr. Nikolaos Tsartsionis.

The Chairman of the Permanent Special Committee of the Hellenic Parliament on Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nikolaos Tsartsionis, invited Mr. Stavros Panousopoulos, President of the Program “Ecumenical Hellenism”, and Mr. Athanasios Agelopoulos, Professor of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Scientific Supervisor of the program to present their activities.

After a presentation of their activities, a discussion followed with the members of the Department. It is noteworthy that this time, the whole meeting, lasting 3 hours, was covered by the topic “Ecumenical Hellenism”.

The Parliament’s tv channel, broadcast the three-hour meeting.