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Cappadocia - The spectacular view from above

2011 | Mission to Cappadocia

A journey to the unforgettable homelands of Cappadocia and the Black Sea can only mark an exciting journey. It is the match of the oriental aura, the Greek tradition, the intense historical experiences of our race and orthodoxy that leave their testimony to these beloved places everywhere.

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The Statue of the Twinning of Ukraine and Russia

2008 | Mission to the Black Sea Countries

Forty people, ready for the most difficult and tedious mission, began the journey to the Black Sea regions, where Hellenism thrived for hundreds of years. Bucharest, a city with a population of 3,000,000 was the meeting point for travelers from Athens and Thessaloniki to begin the most difficult mission of the "Foundation of Ecumenical Hellenism “program.

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Neighborhood in Havana

2005 | Mission to Cuba

The Archbishop of Panama and the United States of America, Mr. Athinagoras, the Mayor of Havana Mr. Leal, and the Minister of Religious Affairs and Relations with Greece Mr. Calida, welcomed us, representing President Fidel Castro. We now know what love for Greece and ancient Greek culture means.

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2004 | Mission to Russia

The mission consisted of 92 personalities from all over Greece leaded by Panousopoulos Stavros, President of the program "Ecumenical Hellenism", Mantouvalos Petros MP of New Democracy, Archimandrite Gervasios of the Metropolis of Neapolis and Stavropolis and Director of the Primary School of Katerini, Pappas Theophilos Mayor of Syvota Thesprotias. ANT1 TV with the reporter Yannis Pachoulakis and the cameraman Ventouris Dimitris, were with us.

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2002 | Mission to Egypt

Along with our meetings with the Greeks, we visited the Alexandrian Library and we traveled to the monuments of Egyptian culture (Luxor, Karnak, Pyramids), safari in the Bedouin camps in the Sinai desert and the Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai.

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2001 | Mission to South Africa

During the events, the two-volume projects MACEDONIA and HOLY PILGRIMAGES - TOWERS OF ORTHODOXY were offered free of charge from the Program in Greek and English, to Greek and foreign libraries of South Africa in the framework of international information on Greek culture issues.

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