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2001 | Mission to the Black Sea – Mother Mary of Soumela

Mission to the Black Sea – Mother Mary of Soumela

(7th-16th September 2001)

The first visit of “Ecumenical Hellenism” to the monastery of Mother Mary of Soumela.

Our 50 members participated.



In the Sanctuary of Saint George at Phanar, the mission of the “Ecumenical Hellenism” Program attended the memorial for the victims of the terrorist attack in the USA, which was carried out by the Holy Patriarch and representative of the Patriarch and Pope of Egypt, Sectus III of the Copts.

Then a formal hearing was held in the Hall of the Patriarchal throne by the Holy Patriarch, under the blessing of which the “Ecumenical Hellenism” Program is, so he can be informed by the President of the Program Mr. Stavros Panousopoulos about the missions of the second cycle of the program’s work on “The Progress Towards Hellenism of Dispersion” and the findings on the situation of the monuments and Greek-speaking populations in the Black Sea area from where the Mission had just returned.

At the Theological School of Halki, Metropolitan of Agathonika Apostolos, welcomes the Mission and honors the President of the Program Mr. S. Panousopoulos.

Representatives attended, from the municipalities of: Sostos, Sithonia, Astrous Kynourias and Alexandria and the companies: Ippokampos SA, Fragos SA, Kerastiniou Supermarket Ltd, Kostakos SP, Olympos SA, Nikolopoulos Studies, Agrovan SA, Lyberpa SA, Paggalidis AEBE, Etc.

Unforgettable Motherlands at the Black Sea Region: Rozunda, Mother Mary of Soumela, Trebizond, Samsun, Kerasunda

The Mission to St. Sophia in Trebizond and the media always near us distinguishing the journalist of MEGA Ms. Sotiriadou Dimitra and the Operator Mr. Stamos Prossalis with the Press Officer of the Program Mr. I. Pallikaris

The 50-member team of the Program, which consisted of representatives of parliament, local government, media, academics, businessmen and others, made a pilgrimage trip to the Black Sea coast by visiting the monuments of our genre and areas where there are still residents which maintain our language and tradition.

A sample of the disasters of our monuments at Mother Mary of Soumela and some of the bold Pontians who spoke to us.