The supporters of the Ecumenical Hellenic Foundation join forces for a “Journey of knowledge in outermost Greece” in schools in the most remote areas of Greece!


The journey will begin in January 2021 and shall be completed in January 2024. The destinations are:

  • Islands of the Aegean
  • Villages of the regional unit of Evros
  • Villages of the regional unit of Ioannina
  • Outermost villages of Macedonia


The program is developed by the Ecumenical Hellenic Foundation in collaboration with the schools, and the donations will include:

  • Publications by the Ecumenical Hellenic Foundation of historical, cultural, folkloric content for the circulating library of every school
  • Publications by other publishing houses for children aged 6-12 for the circulating library of every school
  • P/C equipment for the facilitation of computer learning
  • Necessary audiovisual equipment for the facilitation of learning procedures, as well as for the organizing of school anniversary celebrations and events
  • Equipment for robotics education as a contribution to the teaching of robotics in secondary education


Inspired by Cosmas of Aetolia, the great teacher of the nation who spoke of the need to institute new schools, since through them our history will be preserved and it will nurture the hopes for the great War of Independence, we have decided, for the quadrennium 2021-2024, to launch the program “Journey of Knowledge in Outermost Greece”. With the undertaking of this activity, we aim at no child, living in an area of outermost Greece, being deprived of access to knowledge. Without public funding, but only through the support of our members and other sensitized Greeks, we will implement this program with the same success we have had in our previous endeavors.

Children, future generations, are the hope of the world we live in. Without the necessary equipment of modern scientific knowledge and historical memory, young people cannot grow, contribute, thrive, and form the modern Greece of the 21st century.

In this effort, we are certain that all Greeks will join us and contribute, for all of us to make a better future for our homeland!



Which schools we plan to endow

We contacted all the educational institutions of outermost Greece and we recorded one by one their needs in technological equipment, as well as, in books for their circulating libraries.

We have already identified through our endeavors many needs and we present to you the first list of schools awaiting our help:

  1. Elementary School of Tilos, regional unit of the Dodecanese
  2. Elementary School of Xerokampos, Leros, regional unit of the Dodecanese
  3. Elementary School of Kasos, regional unit of the Dodecanese
  4. 1st Elementary School of Filiates, regional unit of Thesprotia
  5. 2nd Elementary School of Filiates, regional unit of Thesprotia
  6. Elementary School of Kalpaki, regional unit of Ioannina
  7. Elementary School of Oinoi, regional unit of Kastoria
  8. Elementary School of Mantamados, regional unit of Lesvos
  9. Elementary School of Pigi, regional unit of Lesvos
  10. Elementary School of Kato Tritos, regional unit of Lesvos
  11. Elementary School of Papados, regional unit of Lesvos
  12. Elementary School of Chidira, regional unit of Lesvos
  13. Elementary School of Promachoi, regional unit of Pella
  14. Elementary School of Theodoraki, regional unit of Pella
  15. Elementary School of Fournoi, regional unit of Samos
  16. Elementary School of Platanos, regional unit of Samos
  17. Elementary School of Kastanousa, regional unit of Serres
  18. Elementary School of Pontismenos, regional unit Serres
  19. Elementary School of Melites, regional unit of Florina
  20. Elementary School of Tholopotamos, regional unit of Chios


What equipment we wish to send

Withing the framework of the action “Journey of Knowledge to Outermost Greece” we wish to send the following:

  1. P/Cs
  2. Laptops (portable personal computers)
  3. Tablets
  4. Interactive Whiteboards
  5. Printers
  6. Kits for the robotics learning
  7. Projectors
  8. Microphonic and sound systems
  9. Books of literature, history, and children´s books for ages 6-12