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Nanopoulos Dimitrios, Academic, Distinguished Professor of Physics, A& M University of Texas , honored person of the event, receives the “Golden Crown” of Ecumenical Hellenism by Professor Athanasios Agelopoulos

2012 | Event at the Hilton Hotel – Athens

Event at the Hilton Hotel – Athens

(March 19th 2012)

“Greece never…dies”

Presented by the journalist Magda Tsegou. Petros Gaitanos sung.

350 people attended.

The event “Greece will never die” of the FOUNDATION OF ECUMENICAL HELLENISM, with the blessing of the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Mr. Ieronimos, was held with great success on the 19th of March 2012 in the TERPSICHORI Hall of the Athens HILTON.

During the event, which presented the work of our foundation’s 16 most recent years, Greek personalities were awarded for their contribution to Science, Culture and Arts, such as:

  • Nanopoulos Dimitrios, Academic, Distinguished Professor of Physics at Texas A & M University
  • Pharatzi-Rita Yuli, painter
  • George Kalakallas, sculptor
  • Vougiouklakis Takis, Director
  • other celebrities

The feeling we got is that the Greeks, understanding the problems we are experiencing due to the unpleasant economic circumstances of the country, now and more than ever, have to join forces so that “Greece will never …….. die. ”

President Stavros Panousopoulos, in his speech, pointed out:

“As we survived the four hundred years of Turkish slavery, as we overtook the speech of Harilaos Trikoupis ‘we sadly went bankrupted’, as we endured the twentieth century with two world wars, with Balkan conflicts, with German occupation and civil war, that is how we will survive today. This is for sure!

We are co-responsible for all. Both good and bad. It is up to us to overthrow this pessimistic climate and the occupational conditions we are experiencing now.

But to do this, we must return to our values, our ideals that we have as race and people. We must return to legality, we must regain our pride “.