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History of Cyprus

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The Foundation of Ecumenical Hellenism decided to publish a two-volume project with the story of the martyrdom of the Cyprus.  We feel the need to apologize for the delay, but the economic crisis in Greece was the main cause. This publication is an honor for us, for Cyprus keeps more than any other piece of Hellenism, our tradition and cultural heritage, immune to time. The island with the youngest heroes (Solomos Solomou, etc.) which teaches all Greeks, how Greek history is written and how Hellenism is resurrected.

One has to live close to our Cypriot brothers and sisters, to realize that, all that history tells us is true.

This volume will be distributed free of charge to foreign libraries, power centers (U.S.A., Canada, Australia) as part of the international historical briefing.


Authors of the project:

Supervisor – Publishing editor Dr. Savvas Neocleous

A. Stone Age and Chalcolithic Period – Dr. Charalambos Paraskevas

B. Early and Middle Bronze Age – Dr. Maria Dikomitou-Iliadou

C. Late Bronze Age – Dr. Artemis Georgiou

D. Cypro-Geometric, Cypro-Archaic and Cypriot-Classic Period – Dr. Anna Satraki

E. Hellenistic Cyprus – Dr. George Papantoniou

St. Roman Cyprus – Dr. Skevi Christodoulou

G. Early Byzantine Cyprus – Dr. Panagiotis Panagidis

H. Middle Byzantine Cyprus – Dr. Chrysovalantis Kyriakou

I. Cyprus – an independent Frankish Kingdom – Dr. Fotini Perra

I. Cyprus – a Venetian Colony – Dr. Fotini Perra

IA. Ottoman Cyprus – Dr. George Dionysiou

LB. Cyprus – an English Colony – Dr. Evangelia Mathopoulou

M. Cyprus – from independence to accession to the European Union – Dr. Charis Alexandrou