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Announcement of the publication “Latin America …where Greeks exist”

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With great pleasure and pride we announce the completion of the publication “Latin America …where Greeks exist” which is expected to be released within June 2019.

Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism, with president Mr. Stavros Panousopoulos at the head of the foundation, with scientific supervisor – university professor Mr. Athanasios Aggelopoulos and a mass of supporters, visited Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, and Mexico during the years 2003, 2005 and 2007. In those countries, the mission of Melathron came into contact with the impressive beauty of Latin America but, most of all, met the Hellenism that lives there, heard their stories, listened carefully their concerns and needs and expressed its appreciation and admiration for their accomplishments. Every time we returned to our homeland, the presidency of Melathron informed the commanding community institutions about the Expatriated Hellenism, regarding the situation of Greeks in those countries, as it was experienced and recorded.

Emotionally charged, we gathered rich photographic material from our visits to the Hellenism of Latin America and selected the most characteristic photos that depict countries of great beauty and, at the same time, the active and remarkable Hellenism that lives there. Along with the photographic material, we noted all that information about the Hellenism that lives in Latin America, the historical, demographical and social elements and also, the reports of Melathron to the Greek Democracy after the end of our visits to those countries.

We present to you this complete work, which was created with solicitude and passion, nostalgia and love for the Hellenism of Latin America, hoping that it will manage to transmit to the readers all the information about the Hellenism of those countries and mostly the emotion and pride the expatriates of Latin America feel, in relation to our homeland and nation.