On Wednesday, December 5th at 10 am, His Beatitude the Archbishop of Warsaw and all of Poland, Mr. Savvas visited the Foundation of Ecumenical Hellenism, where he was received by President Stavros Panousopoulos, the Scientific Supervisor Athanasios Agelopoulos and all employees.

In a moving atmosphere and following the appeals made by both the President and the Scientific Supervisor, the Beatitude honored the two members of the Program for their contribution to Orthodoxy.

An epithet of the meeting that lasted about an hour was the Memorandum of collaboration signed between the two sides.

The Archbishops visit to the Foundation was an honor for us. It is noteworthy that the Beatitude, the previous day, had already been announced as an honorary member of the Parnassus Philological Association at a special ceremony held in the Association's hall. During this event, His presentation was made by Professor Athanasios Agelopoulos.

Apart from the other honors awarded to him, the Foundation of Ecumenical Hellenism attributed the "Golden Crown" of Ecumenical Hellenism to the Head of the Orthodox Church of Poland.

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