The Foundation of Ecumenical Hellenism continues the vision of its President, Stavros Panousopoulos, traveling now beyond the borders, recording the Dispersed Hellenism, which is our National Capital.

It is if fact, a program of national importance as another Greece spreads across the globe.

Already, before we even start our long journey abroad, we completed the recording of personalities - and not only - of Cypriot Hellenism, which is a great priority for us as Cypriots are our first national chapter. It would be a huge omission for us not to include the island, which in itself is unique to Hellenism, and despite the great amount of suffering it has gone through because of its unique geostrategic position, it holds high, very high, the Greek consciousness and the ideals of the our race. A stronghold of Hellenism and Orthodoxy!

As from August 2015, our associates specialized in researching and recording historical memos are on the island, and since October 2016 Europe's Hellenism is our top priority. Switzerland, England, Germany are our first destinations.

From the 1st of the New Year, our associates will visit Hellenism in all lengths and widths of the earth for this enormous recording of Hellenism.