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Historical re-publication of the work titled “Macedonia”

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During the 1980s, we realized to our sorrow that the people of Skopje and the people of Turkey, in collaboration, had filled the major libraries of Europe, Canada, the U.S, and Australia with their own publications which we found to be unhistorical and anti-Greek.  Results from research carried out in American Universities in the early 1990’s have shown that out of 500 publications titled Macedonia, 495 of them were published by the people of Turkey or Skopje, and only 5 of them were published by the people of Greece, and even they had the pages concerning the issues of Greece destroyed.  Apparently, students from Turkey or Skopje had borrowed the publications and had intervened with the content.

The state, having shown ignorance, to a criminal extent, have led us to the disadvantageous international state we are in at present.

In 1993, the Ecumenical Hellenism program, took on the creation of a bilingual Greek-English publication titled «ΜΑCΕDΟΝΙΑ» which displayed material known and unknown to this day concerning the history, culture and archaeology of Macedonia.  It was a unique, timeless and elaborate 542 page publication signed by 23 University Professors and Researchers.

It was considered to be an unofficial ambassador of the history of Macedonia and the answer to those who may have conspired against the Greek identity of Macedonia.  10,000 copies of the book were distributed free of charge by the Ecumenical Hellenism program, to libraries in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia in the attempt to globally raise historical awareness in Congress, the House of Representatives, the Media, and University Libraries.

It was given:

  • By the Greek Parliament to the national leaders of the European Union countries at the Summit Meeting in Corfu in 1996.
  • By the Greek Teams in Mundial Basketball and Football World Cups in the USA in 1994.
  • From at the time Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou to at the time US President Bill Clinton.
  • By the entrepreneurs of Greece.

As we are currently a short distance away from the official naming of the country of Skopje, we have decided on publishing the second edition of the book in English, in order to inform once again the international community on the History of Macedonia.

It is not enough to hold demonstrations and shout in protest, though it is essential.  History must also be written in order to substantiate the truth and uphold the past.

Those interested in supporting this attempt, can contact our office at 210-8810109.