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2019 | Event in Pattihio Municipal Theater – Limassol, Cyprus

Event in Pattieio Municipal Theater – Limassol, Cyprus “The History of Cyprus travels the world”

(21st of October 2019)

On the 21st of October 2019, Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism held a second event in Cyprus, this time in Limassol, in the Pattihio Municipal Theater. The goal of the event “The History of Cyprus travels the world”, was to inform the audience about the ambition of Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism to translate the two-volume work “History of Cyprus” to English and to send 3.000 copies to the libraries of foreign centers of power (U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Great Britain, European Union) for free.

The response to this event was great and touching, just as it was to the one that had preceded in Limassol, in the 24th of June 2019. The guests expressed their admiration towards the work of Melathron and its titanic effort to make the history of Cyprus travel to libraries abroad. Their admiration was multiplied by watching the documentary of Ecumenical Hellenism which presented the travelogue of the foundation to the whole world and its visit to the Hellenism of all the lengths and widths of the earth.

The president of Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism, Stavros Panousopoulos, referred in total, to his 30-year-old restless effort, so that the Greek ideals, the Greek language and history and the Greek culture get rescued and projected abroad. He expressed his admiration to the Greek-Cypriot Nation for its creativity, hard work, its love for the homeland and its history and also its endurance to all the drama it has experienced with the last one being the invasion of ’74. He officially announced the ambition and focus of Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism, that the two-volume work, “History of Cyprus”, “travel” abroad and become property of Greek expatriates and foreigners. Clearly touched by his last visit to the ghost city in the Famagusta boarders, he professed that in the future, the next chapter that will be connected to Cyprus, will be about Famagusta, the open wound that is still bleeding.

The Presidency Commissioner, Fotios Fotiou, attended the event and in his speech, after he expressed his admiration and congratulated Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism for its work, he promised a brave help so that its ambition gets fulfilled. He touched the audience by mentioning that all Greeks, inside and outside boarders, owe to know the history, whatever happened and defined the future of the place. He also stressed the need of the creation of a communication bridge with the Expatriates and the multiple benefits this will bring.

The great benefactors and supporters of our foundation in Cyprus, Mr. Toumazis Toni and Mr. Pattihis Charalambos, stepped onto the podium and referred to the emotion they felt when they learned about the efforts of Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism for Cyprus and to the obligation they felt to help with all their powers. Something that they did and promised to do again in the future, with every new effort of the foundation.

The High Commissioner of Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism for Cyprus, Georgios Christofidis, moved the audience, once again, with his speech, with the description of his course and action since his service as the President of the World Federation of Overseas Cypriots. He identified with the aims and work of Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism and encouraged the audience to support the effort of translation of the two-volume work in English.

The last speech was of the copy editor of the publication “History of Cyprus”, professor Savvas Neokleous. He briefly informed the audience on the content of the two-volume work and he highlighted the strenuous effort of the scientific research and composition of the work and also the importance of its translation to English and its distribution to foreign centres of power.

During the artistic part of the event, Petros Gaitanos enchanted the audience with his imperishable voice and the exquisite songs he chose to perform.

Special regards to the distinct journalist of ΑΝΤΕΝΝΑ Nikolas Vafiadis, fellow companion of Melathron for years, who travelled to Cyprus exclusively for the presentation of the event and received dithyrambic comments.

During the event, the benefactors and supporters of Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism were honoured:

  • His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah of Tamassos & Oreini. The honorable distinction was received by Archimandritis Anastasios Kyrris
  • Ζachariades Filios , owner of Royal Crown Insurance
  • Theocharous Dimitrios, president of  Etex Ltd, Automobile Spare Parts Association
  • Theocharous Andreas, former president of Etex Ltd, Automobile Spare Parts Association
  • Filiastidis Dimitrios, owner of Eapmarine
  • Κaraolis Christodoulos, owner of  Karaolis Group
  • Martini Natali, owner of Sir Paul hotel
  • Chrisostomou Sotiroula, owner of Chtisma Trading Ltd