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Announcement of activities of Ecumenical Hellenic Foundation 2020-2021

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The Ecumenical Hellenic Foundation, which for 35 years and more is struggling for the dispersing and saving of Greek history and civilization, as well as for the reinforcement of the expatriate Hellenism through publications, events and missions. hereunder announces the total of the activities that it plans for the end of 2020 and 2021.

In total, we plan the design and realization of the following activities as per below unites:

  1. Publications
  • Album of Revolution 1821: It will be released in 2021. It will consist of a collective edition (texts and pictures), which locates and highlights the protagonists of liberty and independence of Greece from the Ottoman tyranny (clergymen, guerilla fighters (αρματολοί and κλέφτες), politicians-diplomats-mayors-notables-elders, scholars-teachers-scribes-businessmen-great benefactors, philhellenes). It is about a total of 150 protagonists of the heroic period 1821-1828, thanks to whom we all today possess the benefit of being citizens of a free and independent Greek state, being a model of democracy, a welfare state, having stability and a value state.
  • “1821-2021: The Βenefactors of Hellenism”: Will be published at the end of 2021. It is about a collective edition, which will refer to the benefactors of Hellenism, dividing them into 3 categories:
  • Benefactors of the Greek Revolution
  • Benefactors from the Hellenism of the Diaspora (dispersion)
  • Contemporary Benefactors of Greece
  • Famagusta (Ammohostos): Will be released in 2021. It is about a historical tribute (votive offering) to the long-suffering Ammohostos, the city-shame for the modern western world. The edition will be bilingual (Greek-English) and our aim is to send the edition to the international community for information and, chiefly, to remind them of the shameful/embarrassing situation of Famagusta, that still today is pending.
  • Desk Calendar of 2021: Will be released within the month of October 2020 and includes pictures of famous works of art, having as a subject the Greek Revolution of 1821, that were granted by leading museums of Greece and Cyprus. A part of the revenue from the sale of this calendar will be used for the donation of extra-curricular books and school equipment to the public schools of the back country of Greece, through our new activity “Journey of knowledge in the backwoods of Greece”.


  • : The website will be ready within 2020. Since some decades, locating Greeks of Diaspora, the knowledge of their accurate number and where they live, the places of their descent, their childhood memories, the description of their uprooting and their settlement and progress in the countries that received them, remain unknown to all of us. All of this we try to highlight through the website which we have the ambition to be a meeting point of Hellenism within Greece and abroad. It will include the biographies of Greeks from Greece, Europe, U.S.A. and the search will be done very easily based on multiple criteria (place of residence, place of origin, profession etc.).
  • “Journey of knowledge in the backwoods of Greece”: Will begin in 2021. The children, the next generations, are the hope of the world we live in, provided we are able all-together to offer them the necessary means, that modern scientific knowledge as well as the historical memory offer. The Foundation, by undertaking this activity, aims at donating to public schools of the backwoods of Greece books, PC equipment, audiovisual equipment, equipment of educational robotics.
  • Translation of the two-volume work “History of Cyprus”: Has begun and will be completed in 2021. The two-volume work in Greek which has been embraced in Greece and Cyprus, has been prefaced by the President of the Cypriot Democracy mr. Nikos Anastasiades and has been included in the list of books proposed by the Ministry of Education of the Cypriot Democracy, is now been translated to English. After the completion of the translation launching of the printing of the two-volume work in English and dispatch of 3.000 copies Free of Charge to schools, parliament libraries and unions abroad.

Theatrical performance: Is being prepared for October 2021. Mimi Denisi has undertaken to organize a theatrical performance, which is the continuation of her own performances “Smyrni mou agapimeni” (=My beloved Smyrni). The history of contemporary Greece and especially of the migration since the decade of ’50 which sent 7.000.000 Greeks to allover the planet.