This bilingual publication (Greek-English) which includes a historical retrospect of Ammochostos from the ancient times to this day, aims with its existence to inform the international community about the ghost-city from which Greeks have been violently exiled in 1974.  The failure of the international community to assist in the solution of the issue is outrageous and had as a result the perpetuation of the matter and the appearance of provocative activity which has intensified this already unprecedented impasse.


Work of four university professors under the scientific supervision of Professor Mr. Savvas Neocleous, this publication aims at enlightening the readers in reference to the history and current times of Ammochostos. Accompanied by an extended photographic material, this publication attempts to present with scientific argumentation the historical truth about Ammochostos so it can respond as a work of reference and a valuable tool in the hands of every researcher, scholas, historian, as well as any other interested in the history of this land.

The aim of the Ecumenical Hellenism Foundation considering this particular publication is to distribute it for free in foreign centers of information, to present it at events held specifically about this issue, in as many countries of the world as possible, and to alarm every Greek and philhellene person all over this planet in reference to this open wound that answers as the Ammochostos issue. The profits from its distribution will be exclusively directed to the historical update internationally.

“I salute this work, which, thanks to the meritorious activity developed by the Ecumenical Hellenism Foundation, has gained special historical significance and educational value for the current and the future generations. But first of all, it strengthens the willing and the determination for the continuation of the struggle until justice is served and we can permanently return to the homes of our ancestors.”

President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis

“The authors aim through the pages of this book to present the glorious historical course, the cultural achievements, and the heroic struggles of the city for the most valuable treasure there is; Liberty. These are struggles continuing to this day.

As Head of the Church of Cyprus, I bless these efforts and I congratulate from heart both those who inspired them and those distinguished scientists who wrote this book.”

Archbishop of Cyprus, His Excellence, Chrysostomos



  • President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis
  • His Eminence, the Archbishop of Cyprus, Chrysostomos



  • Date of Publication: 2022
  • Pages: 180
  • Dimensions: 23×31,5
  • Type of Publication: Luxurious
  • Hardcover
  • 4-color printing
  • Language: Greek-English
  • Available: Yes



  • Foreword of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis
  • Foreword of His Excellence, the Archbishop of Cyprus, Chrysostomos
  • Foreword of the President of the Ecumenical Hellenism Foundation, Mr. Stavros Panousopoulos
  • Foreword of the Scientific Coordinator of the Ecumenical Hellenism Foundation, Mr. Athanasios Angelopoulos, University Professor
  • By way of Introduction – Savvas Neocleous
  • Chapter I. The urban centers of antiquity: From Engomi to Salamis/Konstantia (1700/1600 B.C. – 649 A.D.), Yagos Cleopas
  • Chapter II. Konstantia – Ammochostos – Famagusta: From the Arabian attacks to the Venetian Rule (649-1571). Yagos Cleopas
  • Chapter III. Ammochostos-Varossia under the Ottoman Rule (1571-1878). Haralambos Alexandrou
  • Chapter IV. Ammochostos 1878-1960: Town to urban center. Haralambos Alexandrou
  • Chapter V. Ammochostos: From Independence to this day. Haralambos Alexandrou
  • Epilogue, Haralambos Alexandrou

Bibliography of the history of Ammochostos