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Visit of the President of Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism to Cyprus

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In September 2019, the president of Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism visited Cyprus, so that he meets various personalities of Cyprus, aiming to their update on the activities of the foundation.

On the 11th of September 2019, he had a meeting with the President Commissioner, Fotios Fotiou, in his office in Nicosia, in the presence of ANT1 Cyprus. On his part, Mr. Fotiou pointed out that his personal goal is the new generation of expatriates that were born and raised in a foreign place meet the Greek language, history, culture, customs and traditions of the land. Towards this direction, the Commissioner stressed the need for initiatives like Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism. He also committed to the provision of moral and tangible support to the foundation. Most of his interest was focused on the publication of Melathron’s “History of Cyprus” that can, as he stated, constitute a lever of diplomacy and pressure and for this reason, all Greeks must contribute to its translation to the English language.

The same day, Mr. Panousopoulos visited the ice-cream factory Papaphilippou, so that he meets the founder and owner Mr. Panagiotis Papaphilippou, supporter of the foundation. After he thanked him for his heretofore support to Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism, he analyzed his new goal of the translation of his work to English. Mr. Papaphilippou stated that he will continue supporting the work of Melathron and, in the end, he gave a tour of the premises of the factory to Mr. Panousopoulos.

On the 12th of September 2019, the president of Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism appeared on the show of Nikitas Kuriakou, “Broad Daylight”, on ANT1 Cyprus. Among other things, he referred to the need for enhancement of the expatriates with higher focus by the central states of Greece and Cyprus, to the then forthcoming event of Melathron in Limassol, on the 21 of October 2019 and to Melathron’s ambition to send 3000 copies of the publication “History of Cyprus” to Greek communities, schools, universities and parliaments abroad.

The same day, Mr. Panousopoulos visited the Minister of Education and Culture of the Cypriot Democracy, Mr. Kostas Champiaouris, in the Ministry. After he informed him briefly on the 30-year-old operation of the foundation, he thanked him for the support to the two-volume work “History of Cyprus” through the formal letter from the Ministry to the public and private schools of Cyprus with the suggestion that the publication be added to the libraries as a tool of knowledge of history. The Minister, on his part, appeared to be touched by the work of Melathron and after he congratulated Mr. Panousopoulos, he expressed his unreserved support. He specifically stated that “the people that erase their history, have no future”.

The day closed with the president’s visit to Melathron’s benefactor, Mr. Kimonidis Antonis, owner of the company Levantina Fish. He met the newest members of Kimonidi’s family, he thanked him for his tangible support to Melathron’s efforts and they exchanged views on the past, the present and future of Cyprus and Greece.

On the 13th of September 2019 the president of Melathron Ecumenical Hellenism met Mr. Pattihis Charalambos, businessman and former owner of the pharmaceutical industry Remedica. Mr. Pattihis practically supports the work of Melathron and he promised to be near it in the future, too.

The same day, Mr. Panousopoulos visited the offices of ATLAS PANTOY so that he meets Mr. Toumazis Toni, huge benefactor of Melathron. He thanked him for his undevided support to the efforts of the foundation and they had a fertile discussion about the history of Cyprus, its achievements, mistakes and future. Mr. Toumazis, coming from Famagusta, invited Mr. Panousopoulos to have a travelogue to Famagusta together, so that he sees the situation with his own eyes. The promise they made that day, was fulfilled a month later.