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Announcement of publication of the second volume of the “History Of Cyprus”

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We are proud to announce that the second volume of our publication “History of Cyprus”, which completes this work in Greek, has just been released!

The completion of the two-volume work would not have been achieved without the backing of our supporters in Greece and Cyprus. We, all-together united, proved that we can achieve a lot!

The second volume, prefaced by the President of the Cyprian Democracy, mr. Nikos Anastasiadis and the Panhierotatos Bishop of Kykkos & Tillyria mr. Nikephoros.

Volume A΄, published in 2018, already sold out, presents the history of the island from the Stone Age to the Early Byzantine Period. Volume B΄ continues the promotion of the historical reality from the Middle Byzantine Period till the integration in the European Union in 2004.

An ambitious effort for the creation of a valid and reliable historical handbook has been completed! Part of the revenue from Volume B΄ will be used for the translation and printing of the two-volume work in English, in order to be sent to the fellow-Greeks abroad university libraries and schools of countries, but also to the fellow-Greeks abroad Homogeneity.

The work is available through our e-shop as well as by placing a telephone-order at 210-8810109.