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2021 | Fourth Shipment of technological equipment to the Elementary School of Kato Tritos of Lesvos

May 2021

The Journey of Knowledge in Outermost Greece has dropped anchor in Lesvos!


A Few Words about the Elementary School of Kato Tritos of Lesvos

The Elementary School of Kato Tritos is one of the small, rural elementary schools of Lesvos, with intense, outgoing character and rich action aiming at establishing a school in the local community.

It is housed in a beautiful, imposing, stone-built, preserved building, in the local borough of Kato Tritos, a paradise-on-earth place of unparalleled natural beauty, in the Gulf of Geras, relatively close to the capital of the island, Mytilene.

The school operates the last few years as six-class, full-day, and it is staffed with educators of all specialties, who offer a complete and round education to the students of the school.

School Activities

The students, with the help of the staff, have developed a series of good practices and every year they implement a large number of educational programs in the fields of culture, the environment and health education.

Some of these activities that have been implemented the last few years are:

  • Healthy regime program: Within this program the students becαme aware of local products, tried traditional recipes, experimented with the making of local foods, made juice and marmalade from the fruit of their yards. They created a school vegetable garden in the school yard, where the students took over the cultivation of various products (lettuce, carrots, onions, etc.). The children took lead of the activity from the very start, they planted products, took care of them, produced and used them, and beautified the garden with the help of the school´s art teacher. They linked their products to the local cuisine and the Mediterranean diet. They made packages for products made of fruit and vegetables, such as marmalade, liqueur, sweets.
  • Environmental sensitization program: Development of activities aiming at the protection of the environment and the cultivation of environmental conscience to the students. Some of the activities developed are: recycling, acquaintance with the natural environment of the area, protection of the sea and cleaning of the coasts, composting of household waste. The school is a member of the network of schools collaboration of UNESCO ASPnet and member of the Ecological Schools, a network where schools that have rich environmental activity belong to.
  • Development of cultural activities and acquaintance with the local history. Students have implemented a series of cultural activities related to the preservation of traditions in the area, but also for the knowledge of local history through visits in places of historical memory, lectures, and speeches. In this area, the school won first place in the Panhellenic competition last year with theme “Cyprus-Greece-Expatriation: Educational Bridges”, consisting of interviews, research works, and informative material for this historical area and its relations to Lesvos.


The Ecumenical Hellenic Foundation, thanks to the financial endowment of its supporters, but also with the aid of the company Savramis, has completed the fourth shipment to the faraway school of Lesvos and the shipment consisted of:

  • 1 P/C kind donation by Savramis company.
  • 45 books for the circulation library of the school, kind donation by the Ecumenical Hellenic Foundation
  • 2 maps, political and geophysical, kind donation by the Ecumenical Hellenic Foundation.

The total value of the material sent amounts to 1,000 euros.

This is how we, at the Ecumenical Hellenism Foundation, envision Greece of the 21st century 200 years after the Greek War of Independence. Along with all of you, we give a boost to knowledge, we support new generations in order to constitute valuable citizens for our country’s future, and we set the example of effective solidarity and social sensitivity for the prosperity of our homeland.

We express our gratitude to you for the support of our activity and we invite you to move forward to the expansion of it to all the outermost schools of Greece.

You are our power!