You are currently viewing 2021 | Ninth Shipment of technological equipment to the Elementary School of Tholopotami, Chios

2021 | Ninth Shipment of technological equipment to the Elementary School of Tholopotami, Chios

November 2021

Thanks to your support we continue to aid our outermost Greek schools!


A few words about Tholopotami, Chios

Tholopotami is built on the hillside of Prophet Elias mountain, at a altitude of 535 m., at a 12,1 km. distance from the town of Chios. With a panoramic view to the east coasts of Asia Minor, lots of springs, fresh waters famed for their quality, towering plane trees, narrow uphill paths, former cobblestone alleys, with just a few of them now covered (arches).

The village’s foundation took place 800 years ago on a small, stone hill. The residents were afraid of the pirates, therefore they closed all the exits of the village, loggias with iron gates.

A very long time ago, a subsidence occurred toward the northwest part of the village in Raga position. Raga is a fault with many wells which have to this day been explored only up to a 16 meter depth. An abundance of water sprang and flowed for quite some time. The residents of the nearby villages, and even from the city, visited the place out of curiosity to observe this natural phenomenon and thus the word Tholopotami (meaning “blurred river”) was stuck as the village’s name.

Texts written by the Community’s teacher Loukas I. Tsampas mention it is also named Mani after its first resident who came from Mani, Peloponnese.


A few words about the Elementary School of Tholopotami, Chios, by its teachers

“The Elementary School of Tholopotami, according to stories by the elder ones, has been in operation for more than 200 years. Since the Ottoman Rule it had been in operation, sometimes with two teachers while others only with one.

Since 2001 and up to this day, it has been operating as a four-class, under the Greek Official Government Gazette 1129/30-8-2001.

Since 2002, our school has been one of the first to ever operate as an all-day school, with the optional participation of the students. Since 2003, it has become a fundamental element of the school. We participate in programs of Environmental Education, Health Education, and Cultural Issues.

It was all the specialties (Computers Science, Art, Physical Education, English, Music, French, and Drama) as well as an affiliation department for children with learning disabilities.

Since the beginning of this academic year, we have been included in the library network of the Ministry of Education, and it is our endeavor to create an appropriate space and enrich it with children’s literature.

It has a large yard for passing time in between classes, and for the organization of sports and other events.

Thanks to concerted efforts we managed to include the school in studies for the repairment and maintaining of the building and the premises in collaboration with the services of the municipality of Chios and of the United School Committee.

In 1995, the Parents and Guardians Association was founded and is active to this day, contributing significantly to the operation of the school, as well as to the excellent collaboration between the school and other entities of our island”.


The Ecumenical Hellenism Foundation implemented the fifth shipment to the faraway school of Chios. Specifically, it sent:

  • 3 laptops
  • 1 Projector
  • 1 portable CD-player
  • 20 books for the circulating library of the school

The total value of the material sent amounts to 1,800 euros.

For the purchase of the items sent we specially thank the companies LifeJacket Foundation, TEXAN ABEE, as well as the supporters of the Ecumenical Hellenism Foundation.


This is how we, at the Ecumenical Hellenism Foundation, envision Greece of the 21st century 200 years after the Greek War of Independence. Along with all of you, we give a boost to knowledge, we support new generations in order to constitute valuable citizens for our country’s future, and we set the example of effective solidarity and social sensitivity for the prosperity of our homeland.

We express our gratitude to you for the support of our activity and we invite you to move forward to the expansion of it to all the outermost schools of Greece.

You are our power!